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Getting Down to BusinessAnyone who knows me knows that I like to stay busy. I don’t know why, but it’s just a thing. For instance, I can have several craft projects going at once on top of who knows how many freelance projects on top of 2 manuscripts to look over at the press on top my own writing. Like I said: I like to stay busy. It’s just a thing.

Right now, I have one crochet project that I’m working on whenever I sit down for the new fall line-up of TV shows (OMG AGENTS OF SHIELD, JUST OMG) and about 3 more projects that I need to get started after I’m done with that for Christmas gifts. Because Christmas is just around the corner. Crazy, right?

I also have a short story brewing in my head, edits for THE GUARDIAN to tackle for a 2015 release and several other things I need to handle over at the press. If you think I don’t get a lot of sleep these days, you’ll be thinking correctly. To top it off, I just started two brand new projects.

I thrive on helping authors. Helping people makes me happy and I hate not helping people as much as I’d like to. A lot of authors I know won’t benefit from me yelling about their new release because we have totally different audiences. I might retweet or mention something of theirs if I think it fits my audience, but most of the time, it isn’t. So I’m happy to say that I’m starting a podcast that will help benefit every single self-published and small press published author out there. Except erotica writers.

The podcast is called Indies’ Reading Block Podcast and will focus on the story, rather than the author. I listen to a lot of podcasts and most of them talk about marketing and writing techniques and what you should be doing for your business and interviewing authors and other people in the industry (book cover designers, editors, etc). But hardly anybody is showcasing the stories, which is what we’re trying to sell, right?

If you have a short story or excerpt you’d like to showcase up to 10,000 words to show the world what you’re capable of, keep reading. What the podcast will focus on is authors reading their work. There’s something special about listening to an author read their own work. I can’t quite explain it as a reader, but it’s really satisfying when I hear an author read aloud. This particular project has been brewing in my head for the past few months and I’m happy to finally reveal it now that I’ve figured out the mechanics of it. If you’re an author or writer and are interested in getting your work heard, then click here to view the submission form. I plan on putting the information for the podcast on it’s own separate website in the future, but for now, it’ll live at Paper Crane Books.

My other project I wanted to reveal is my Patreon project. What is Patreon? Patreon is a website that allows people to support artists doing what they do best: creating. Kickstarter lets a person support one major project. But as an artist, I don’t feel comfortable asking for support for just one project. How do I know which project is going to be the best project for a crowd-funding project? What major need am I filling? Enter Patreon. It’s like a mini Kickstarter. You pledge so much money per month or per creation/unit. In my case, you’ll be pledging per unit: one short story + short story video. Each short story (and video) will be available for free via Wattpad + YouTube, but if you really like my work and believe in me, then you can help by sponsoring me. The story will eventually be available to read on my blog about one month after I release it on Wattpad + YouTube.

With Patreon, you can pledge as little as $1 per creation/unit and I don’t plan on releasing more than 1 story per month, so you don’t need to worry about being charged a crazy amount of money per month. And by being sponsor, you get some cool benefits: like suggesting my next story idea or helping me shape my story. You’ll also get discounts and freebies thrown your way.

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