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An Ode to Autumn: A Season of Change

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An Ode to Autumn: A Season of ChangeI took part in another anthology published by one of the online writer groups I’m a member of. The leader of the group, Linell Jeppsen, wanted to put together an anthology in celebration of all things autumn! I think autumn is a wonderful season. You get to break out the sweaters, tights, knee socks, and everything is pumpkin flavored! But there’s also a sort of somberness about autumn. Maybe it’s because everyone is starting to stay in after being outside all summer long or maybe there’s something about autumn that makes us reminisce a little bit more.

The stories and poems all range from the spooky (for Halloween) to the fantastic and everything in between.

I wrote a brand new short story (just a couple hundred words over a flash fiction, really) that hits upon the reminiscent aspect of autumn. It’s called “Memories” and you can read it in this anthology first.

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  1. I didn’t check to see what part of the world you’re from, but here in the Missouri Ozarks the humidity is horrid in the summer. Fall is the best time of year in the subtropical regions. It’s still warm enough to go outside without a coat, but the humidity is low enough you can stand to be outside.

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