Excuse the Digital Dust

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If you’ve stopped by the website within the last…Oh, I don’t know…two days? you might have noticed the website looked broken. No, that’s not your computer. It’s me. After about 7 years with my last host, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m outgrowing them and I now have a new web host! Which means there’s a lot of things that are moving around. I thought the process would take an evening, but it’s been ages since I’ve moved into a new web host and I seem to have forgotten how long it takes to upload/download and double-check to ensure I have all of my files backed up.

Things I forgot to backup for this domain’s move? My theme files. You would think something as important as my THEME would’ve been backed up, but no. Totally forgot. It only took me 3 hours to track down the background pattern I had initially created for this theme between all of my harddrives, flashdrives, clouds, PC, and laptop. (Read as: my morning made me frazzled.) I finally had to contact my ex-host to give me my old files and there it was! My background pattern! I will never lose it ever again. I made sure. I saved it and put it in a very secure, very safe place. (Read as: I’m going to lose it again.)

I still haven’t gone through and checked what pages are broken and will be needing re-coded (pray for me). So THAT will get done sometime this weekend. I hope. Some of my coding that worked before seems to not want to be working right now for whatever reason even though I know the coding is correct. This move just does not want to go smoothly. >.< Other websites that will be affected by the move this weekend include: Paper Crane Books
Indie YA Books
Holly Barbo’s official website
Morgan Straughan Comnick’s official website

The only good thing that happened this morning? I found some old icons I made! The icon attached to this post felt very relevant to how I was feeling to the whole move. When I’m done with all this moving, I should be back with some news. Have a great weekend everyone!