Relaunch Progress!

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My last post was about moving things over to my new host. I somehow managed to move everything over without too many hiccups, for which I am forever thankful for. I’m really looking forward to sticking with this new host and I’m quite giddy over the fact that there’s so much room to grow with them for the next however many years I decide to keep doing this.

I have GOOD NEWS. I somehow managed to finish the re-edits for The Chosen. Which means: the relaunch will be happening very soon. I still need to figure out and tackle the cover and then re-format the book (both ebook and paperback). But if I figure out what the new cover will be this weekend, we’re looking at a relaunch of The Chosen next week. The Number will soon follow as soon as I make a new cover for it and give it a quick glance through for punctuation and spelling errors.

Once those are back, I’ll finally be able to refocus writing The Guardian. Things are starting to move forward and I can’t wait to share the relaunched versions of The Chosen and The Number to everybody. I have something extra up my sleeve about the books, but I’m going to wait and announce that when it re-releases.