And I Saw That It Was Good.

And I Saw That It Was Good.

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Creation is a magical experience. I mean think about it. You’re making something from seemingly nothing Sculptors might make something beautiful from clay. Artists might prefer acrylic paint and a canvas. Actors can become other people. Dancers can tell intricate stories with just a fluid motion of their bodies.

My creative tool of choice? A keyboard. Or a pen and notebook.

Sometimes ideas for a story just happen upon me. I might be out at a store and I see someone who looks interesting, which might evolve into a story idea. But most of the time magic happens when I’m sleeping. Yes. Magic occurs to me when I’m unconscious. There are times when I become aware that I’m dreaming. Though I know I could manipulate anything that’s happening within the dream, I don’t. I prefer to let the dream take me on a journey.

When I wake, I know I have a decision to make: Was the dream interesting enough to write about? I have a lot of vivid dreams and what others around me might find interesting, I might find boring or feel that that particular thread might not be something I want to pursue.

But when I do feel like a dream is great to be expanded into a story? Pure magic! Numerous words just flow from my head to my fingers to a notebook where I log interesting dreams. One such interesting dream turned into a novel. And then another novel. The last novel which will conclude that story/dream is on hold because of work commitment, but the first draft is finished. It’s a breathless experience to create something and often leaves me emotionally and mentally drained by the time I finish a novel.

But I keep repeating it over and over because I want to keep experiencing the magic.

What’s magic to you?

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  1. Some great points. What I love about writing is you are the creator of your universe. In what other activity can you say that? 🙂

    1. Post

      I think pretty much anything in the arts will let you be the creator of your own universe. But you’re right. Not everyone can say they do that!

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