A New Beginning

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A New Beginning


It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post. I’ve been going through and optimizing little things such as the presentation of my work and reorganizing some of the pages. If you’re wondering where all of my other blog posts are, you can find them by going to the sidebar and selecting “Archive” from the Category dropdown menu. And if for whatever reason that doesn’t work, I’ll tinker around behind the scenes and figure out why.

I wanted to start over. While I was publisher at Paper Crane Books, I stopped being an author and I stopped responding to my audience (which I hope is you!). I knew I wanted to start over, but because it’d be weird to start over from absolute scratch, I decided to archive my blog posts (so that old blog posts are still linkable and viewable!) and restart this thing called a blog. If you want to do a guest post or if you’re an author who would like to be interviewed, please be sure to contact me! At the bottom of my contact page, there is a list of guest post topics that I’m actively seeking. Pitch me an idea and we’ll talk!

So what have I been up to? Mostly tidying up my day job. Now that Paper Crane Books is essentially closed (or rather, more like taking a long hiatus), I’ve moved on to freelance work. While being a publisher, I discovered I really like designing books. Like a lot. My freelance book design business will be called Tokki Book Designs and should be open by the beginning of February. I’m super excited about this new venture and having an official place to point potential clients to will be super helpful.

I also have exciting news about new stories!

If everything goes well, in the first quarter of this year, my short story that’s set in Nepal about a girl who finds strength within herself during times of adversity will be published in Insignia, Volume 4! I’m so proud of this story and I’ve really wanted people to read it. Not only that, but I’ll be in fantastic company! You can read a bit more about the other authors who will be participating in the anthology by clicking here. Here’s the cover for the anthology:

Gorgeous, right?!

I’m also keen on participating in the #12for12stories challenge that was created by Alexis A. Hunter (read her blog post for more info), but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up because I really want to finish The Guardian this year and wrap up the Zincian Legend trilogy. My main priority is my novel. It will happen. Definitely. If I can’t find the time to write 12 short stories in 12 months, then it’s no biggie, but I do hope to write at least one short story per quarter.

Those are my major writing goals for 2017 right now. I have a couple of other goals I’d like to achieve, but more on that later. I still need to set a few things up before I reveal anything more.

If you weren’t aware, I have a newsletter! I send one out about once a month. I’ll send a super short note to subscribers if I have an upcoming event or new release. My monthly newsletters contain writer advice, monthly updates, upcoming events, and I let subscribers see cover reveals first and they’re the first to know about other bookish news. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, sign up by clicking here.

And that’s all from me for right now! Whew!

So what are your goals for 2017? Will you be telling any new stories? Doing anything creative and fabulous?

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