And I Saw That It Was Good.

And I Saw That It Was Good.

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Creation is a magical experience. I mean think about it. You’re making something from seemingly nothing Sculptors might make something beautiful from clay. Artists might prefer acrylic paint and a canvas. Actors can become other people. Dancers can tell intricate stories with just a fluid motion of their bodies.

My creative tool of choice? A keyboard. Or a pen and notebook.

Sometimes ideas for a story just happen upon me. I might be out at a store and I see someone who looks interesting, which might evolve into a story idea. But most of the time magic happens when I’m sleeping. Yes. Magic occurs to me when I’m unconscious. There are times when I become aware that I’m dreaming. Though I know I could manipulate anything that’s happening within the dream, I don’t. I prefer to let the dream take me on a journey.

When I wake, I know I have a decision to make: Was the dream interesting enough to write about? I have a lot of vivid dreams and what others around me might find interesting, I might find boring or feel that that particular thread might not be something I want to pursue.

But when I do feel like a dream is great to be expanded into a story? Pure magic! Numerous words just flow from my head to my fingers to a notebook where I log interesting dreams. One such interesting dream turned into a novel. And then another novel. The last novel which will conclude that story/dream is on hold because of work commitment, but the first draft is finished. It’s a breathless experience to create something and often leaves me emotionally and mentally drained by the time I finish a novel.

But I keep repeating it over and over because I want to keep experiencing the magic.

What’s magic to you?

Hiking Up Mt. Self-Doubt

Hiking Up Mt. Self-Doubt

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Creativity is hard. I’m not saying it’s any harder than someone who has to get up at 3 a.m. just to head into some factory for minimum wage hard, but it’s hard — mentally draining, really. Unlike that person who has to get up at 3 a.m., the average creative person is constantly working from the moment they wake up until the moment they sleep. Our brains are constantly thinking about the next big project. And even if we are working on that next big project, a new idea slips into our minds to try and distract us. We’re kinda like fish; show us something shiny and we’ll leave a project unfinished. Dory from Finding Nemo is our spirit animal.

The creative lifestyle is like planning a hiking trip up a mountain. Can you keep going up the original way you had planned and at the same speed? There’s going to be times where you’re going to slip and fall. You might need to go back down and re-evaluate your path. Maybe you just need to hike slower. Hiking up the mountain isn’t a race. It’s more or less about the journey.

I’ve been trying to reach the peak of Mt. Self-Doubt for a very long time. I think all creatives have their own mountain of self-doubt. Some are larger than others. I tend to ask myself “Am I good enough? Do I have enough experience? Is it right to charge this amount for a project? Am I really worth that price?” There have been times where I slipped and fell and rolled down. There’s also been times where all I really wanted to do was stop, make camp, and throw everything into a bonfire and just start over. But every time I slip, I stop. I re-evaluate. What’s working? What’s not working? What needs to change?

Right now, I feel like I had just slipped and fell a bit down the mountain. I’m stopping. I’m re-evaluating. And I know that there’s a hard decision that I need to make that I’m not quite ready to make. But I know if I slip again, it’ll be okay. I’m learning. I’m growing. I’m getting better. The journey to the peak of Mt. Self-Doubt might be long. Maybe I’ll never quite reach the peak. Maybe I’ll get really close. And you know what? Getting really close would be good enough for me.

Relaunch of THE CHOSEN. Pay what you want!

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I’m so happy to announce that The Chosen is officially relaunched! It took a lot longer than I initially thought because I was doing everything between work projects and press projects, but it’s HERE.

I went through and clarified some aspects that readers had mentioned were confusing before. I also cleaned up some punctuation and grammar and spelling. This relaunch was a labor of love and I feel it was worth taking the time to go through and re-edit the work. It also helped that the covers needed redone to match each other since I can no longer afford my cover artist for the last book.

What’s a bit more special about this launch is that the book, and probably all of my future work from now on, will be on a pay what you want plan. I’ll be releasing the book chapter by chapter for FREE on Wattpad. You can start following by reading the first chapter today. Every Friday there will be a new chapter.

Can’t wait 16 weeks to read the entirety of The Chosen?
You can pay what you want for the book directly through my press’s store. And yes. $0 is a totally legit option. Because, again, this is a PAY WHAT YOU WANT plan.

Want to support my writing?
You can still purchase the book at the usual places: Amazon | Smashwords
Other retailers will appear in the next week along with the paperback.
You can also support me on Patreon! Every two free chapters released on Wattpad will equate a “story” on Patreon. And if you support me on Patreon, you’ll get exclusive behind-the-scenes info one full week before my newsletter subscribers.

And yeah, if you want that exclusive behind-the-scenes info for free, just subscribe to my newsletter!

So what’s next? Well, if all goes well and I don’t get inundated with work, The Number should be released on all ebook distributors. And after that? I’ll be putting my full attention on the final book in the trilogy again.

And before I forget, here’s the official look at the new cover for The Chosen.

The Chosen (Zincian Legend #1) by Sheenah Freitas

And check out the map! Because maps make fantasy books, am I right?

Map of Besa, the northeastern continent of Zinc

What do you think? Like the new cover? Prefer the old cover? Is the map cool? Are you interested in the pay what you want plan? Shout out in the comments! Ask any question you have about the series or writing in general. I’ll answer you as soon as I can.

Striker’s Appearance by Andrea Bugkinsy

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My friend Andrea Buginsky has a new book out in her Chosen series! It’s book 3. If you like sweet tales about dwarves, elves, and adventures, do be sure to check this out.

As a young hunter seeks a trainer, The Chosen prepare for an unforgettable adventure.

With Nature and Phantasma back in order, Halli and Silvor have settled into their new life in Drumple. During a visit from Striker, Kaidyla and Lumina, a request from an old friend of Halli’s family sparks a new challenge when she asks Striker if he’ll train their young son, Dylan. Working with Dylan gives Striker a chance to be a mentor once again, as he had been in his past.

This brings The Chosen to an area of Phantasma Halli has never seen before. What new dangers might be lurking in the forest? Will Halli have a reason to use her powers?

But Halli and Silvor are facing a new journey of their own, one that will change their lives forever. What is in store for The Chosen’s future? Will this latest escapade prepare them for what is yet to come?



With another week of teaching behind them, Halli and Silvor enjoyed a quiet, leisurely breakfast at the tavern, catching up with their neighbors.

As he was telling her about a new student, Silvor saw a look of surprise and joy come across Halli’s face. Turning to see what she was looking at, he saw a pretty dwarf about his mother-in-law’s age walking towards Halli, smiling at her.

“Do you know her?” As he asked, the woman walked over to their table.

“Halli! Your mother told me I might find you here.”

“Cynthia! It’s so good to see you again.”

Hugging Cynthia, she turned to Silvor, making the introductions. “Silvor, this is Cynthia, Mom’s best friend. She moved away from Drumple years ago with her husband.”

She turned back to Cynthia. “I’m surprised Mom didn’t tell me you were back in Drumple.”

Knowing his wife would be involved in a lengthy conversation, Silvor made his way to the bar and began talking to the tavern keeper.

“We only returned about a week ago, and we’ve been busy settling in,” Cynthia responded to Halli’s comment. “It’s wonderful to see you, Halli. My, how you’ve grown! We’re so proud of everything you’ve done for Phantasma. I can’t believe you’re the same shy girl who used to sit quietly with your mother and me and read all day. Now look at you: married, and a Holy Paladin! Where have the years gone?”

“Mom wonders the same thing sometimes. And you? I hear you have a son. You’ve been gone from Drumple for so long, I don’t think I’ve even met him.”

“Oh, I’m sure you haven’t. He wasn’t born until after his father and I moved away from Drumple. But that was 15 years ago already!”

“What does he do? Is he a student at the school now? I don’t remember meeting anyone new lately…”

“No, he finished his studies a year ago, when he decided to take up hunting. Now he’s looking for a trainer. Which is what brings me to you. I was hoping you could talk to one of the hunters in your group about taking him on as an apprentice. Do you think they would be willing to do that?”

“Oh, I’m sure Striker and Kaidyla would love that! They’ll be here for a visit this weekend. Perhaps I can introduce you all then. Is your son here now? I’d love to meet him.”

“He’s right over there.” Turning to the young dwarf playing at the game table, Cynthia called, “Dylan! Come here. There’s someone I’d like you to meet.”


Buy now at the following places!

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Print


My HeadshotAndrea Buginsky is a freelance writer with a BA in Mass Communication-Journalism from the University of South Florida. She has always wanted to be a published writer, and decided to try to write fantasy books for teens. The Chosen is her first book, and was released on December 14, 2010, to her delight.

Andrea has written five more books since:
  • My Open Heart, an autobiography of growing up with heart disease.
  • Nature’s Unbalance: The Chosen, Book 2
  • Striker’s Apprentice: The Chosen, Book 3
  • Destiny: New Avalon, book 1, a YA fantasy
  • Fate: New Avalon, book 2, a YA fantasy
She is currently writing the fourth book in The Chosen series.
Andrea lives in Kansas with her family, which includes her two precious puppies.


Follow Andrea

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube | Google+ | Goodreads

Relaunch Progress!

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My last post was about moving things over to my new host. I somehow managed to move everything over without too many hiccups, for which I am forever thankful for. I’m really looking forward to sticking with this new host and I’m quite giddy over the fact that there’s so much room to grow with them for the next however many years I decide to keep doing this.

I have GOOD NEWS. I somehow managed to finish the re-edits for The Chosen. Which means: the relaunch will be happening very soon. I still need to figure out and tackle the cover and then re-format the book (both ebook and paperback). But if I figure out what the new cover will be this weekend, we’re looking at a relaunch of The Chosen next week. The Number will soon follow as soon as I make a new cover for it and give it a quick glance through for punctuation and spelling errors.

Once those are back, I’ll finally be able to refocus writing The Guardian. Things are starting to move forward and I can’t wait to share the relaunched versions of The Chosen and The Number to everybody. I have something extra up my sleeve about the books, but I’m going to wait and announce that when it re-releases.