Storyboarding Not Just for Movies

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I thought it was about time to sit down and write a post about writing considering I write. A lot of writers who are just starting out tend to think that there is a right way to write. I’ve read plenty of books and articles that always say that you should start with a plan: write a detailed outline about what you want or write a messy first draft. And I’m going to tell you that I’ve tried plenty of these advices to see if any of those were the right fit for me. And I found out that the right fit for me wasn’t any of these tried and true methods that most writers praise and rant about. What fits for me is a very simple outline of what I’d like to see and something that’s uncommon in the writing world: storyboarding.

Just because you don’t have any art skills doesn’t mean that you should just throw the idea away. When you think of it: a book is just like a movie. Movies need storylines and your book is just that: a storyline; a script just waiting to be unfolded on the big screen! It helps if you already think in the mindset of a movie (like everything plays out in your head and you write everything down that happens).

Some people use the storyboarding method without any art. They write down a particular scene on some index cards and move them around accordingly on a large corkboard or whatever designated area they have. I, on the other hand, am more of a visual person so sketching down scenes, characters, maps, and city layouts are all beneficial to me. I dug up some pictures (none of which are great artistically) from my file of sketches from my novel, The Chosen, that I had saved. You can see a sketch of a scene that was never used in the book, but immensely helped set the tone of the relationship between Derek and Catrina. Not to mention there’s some early sketches of how I wanted Recla and Derek to appear at first (surprising how un-Disney like they turned out from the start). And a very crude map of the world which I might upload later on its own page.

Storyboarding 1

Sketch of a scene and early ballgown

Storyboarding 2

Early merfolk and sketch of the opening scene

Storyboarding 3

A poorly made map but it works

As you can see from above I don’t really have a set routine for storyboarding. And even if your art is bad, it can still work as long as you understand what’s going on. I usually link individual pictures with a scene or mark it down for what chapter I want to help set the overall tone or to help me manage to keep my characters in check. As far as sketches of the scenes go, I tend to keep them with me when I know that particular scene is coming up. Because the sketches are usually done in first person POV, it helps me get into the mindset of the characters and helps me effectively write in third person POV.

Remember: this is how I write. It may not work for you and yet, it might. You never know what’s the right fit for you until you try!

New Year’s Roundup

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New Year's Eve Rainbow

Not a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow

I hope everyone’s New Year was fantastic. Now is a time to start afresh and start things you’ve been meaning to do! Dad saw a rainbow on New Year’s Eve while he was getting some snacks ready so I ran and grabbed a picture of it. I still need to work on my photography. I’ll practice more, especially this summer when I can go hiking again. Actually I should make a small list of parks to hike through and see if I can visit each one. Three should be doable.

My grandma made some pigs in a blanket and I deemed them the most delicious things I’ve had that year. Seriously. They were so buttery and flaky. I don’t care if they’re not supposed to be good for me. I want to know why I’ve never had them before. Hopefully I don’t have to wait until the end of this year to have more. I also helped my mom roll up some gimbob (or is it kimbob?) for our New Year’s festivities. If you’ve never had them before, they’re a Korean seaweed wrap that looks like sushi, but isn’t. For one: we don’t use raw fish, everything is cooked. And I think they’re a little bit more tasty than sushi… though I guess it depends on the sushi you’re eating.

Pigs in a blanket

Pigs in a blanket


I rolled all of those up!

Yu-gi-oh battle

Wingweaver does direct damage and wins!

My brother and I were in the middle of an epic game of Uno when the ball fell and it changed to 2011. I ended up winning every game of Uno. This was upsetting to him, so he proclaimed that we dust off our Yu-Gi-Oh cards and have an epic dual to prove that he’s capable of winning a card game. Unfortunately, I may have kicked his butt on the first dual of the new year, beating his dragon deck with a fairy. That loss only fueled his anger and he has since beat me to a pulp with his dragons. Where was my dragon capture trap card when I needed it for the other two duals?!

White Christmas?!

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A White Backyard

I swear this was taken on Christmas!

It finally happened. I have witnessed a white Christmas and have photographic proof of it! It’s been a while since I witnessed a white Christmas and because the memory is so fuzzy, I’m not going to even count that. Most Christmases are gray and dreary, or wet and muddy. This year it was cold, slightly windy, and above all else: white! It could’ve been -15° F and I wouldn’t have cared because there was snow. Okay…I would’ve complained about the cold a bit.

Christmas, overall, was good. We had a fantastic dinner (which I’m quite convinced I ingested a gallon of salt last night) with a fantastic ham. And my brother and I were in for a few surprises. He got a crossbow and Medal of Honor from our parents. I got him the first five seasons of Red vs. Blue and if you have no idea what that is, don’t worry. However, if you’re a Halo fan and you don’t know what that is, I highly suggest you run off and YouTube it now. We both got a ton of candy between our parents and grandparents. I’m not sure how long it’ll take me to get through it, but I will make it my mission to make sure it’s gone by at least June. Candy takes forever to disappear in my room unless someone else gets a hold of it.

Christmas 2010

This is what you get an author

So, what does one get an author? I wrote a Christmas list this year and was told to write down things that I needed or wanted. At the time, I was craving Oreos, so I wrote Oreos down and you know, everyone could use some super powers. My brother rolled his eyes at me when he saw those two particular items on my list, but you never know…Maybe someone in the house knows how to get super powers and just haven’t told me and was going to surprise me with them for Christmas! Instead of super powers, I did get Oreos, which I’m sure my dad is quite proud of purchasing. He couldn’t stop laughing when I opened them. I was bombarded with Disney items and candy. My friend/penpal sent me a book of desserts since I love to bake and now the hard part is picking out which dessert to make. Oh, and socks were also on my Christmas list. I’m not sure why I wrote socks down, probably because I was trying to be funny, but I got some and they are quite comfy. Quite possibly the comfiest socks I’ve ever put on my two feet. Shame they weren’t knee high to keep me warmer in these cold months, but they’ll be great to wear when spring/summer gets here and I start hiking again.

I haven’t played Epic Mickey yet, but I’m planning on it after I’m done with this blog post. I’ve been super excited about it since I first heard of it (as well as the 3DS, Pokemon Black and White, etc.) I hope it’s as epic as they say it is and even if it isn’t, I’m sure I’ll still enjoy it.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas even if it wasn’t white! What awesome presents did you get?

Tangled Up with Dogs

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I finally saw Tangled last Saturday and I loved every bit of it. After I saw Princess and the Frog, I was extremely disappointed and thus I was afraid to see this movie especially after they changed the name from Rapunzel to Tangled. My fear only increased after the trailers put more emphasis on Flynn Rider. I wasn’t even sure if the movie was a princess movie with the lack of royalty that was even stated in the trailers. Not that it mattered if the movie was a princess movie or not; I love Disney animated movies regardless. But just before the release of the movie, I saw something that just made me go, “I have to see this movie now!” And that excitement only increased after hearing the rave reviews and buying the soundtrack (oh how I love the score of this movie!).

My verdict: You must see this movie. When you walk out, you probably won’t be humming the tunes, but you’ll have a good feeling. I wrote a review on the movie which you may read here: Tangled Review.

Bella and Tara

Two friends in the making

Besides seeing Tangled, my family recently (by which I mean two days ago) adopted a boxer from the Humane Society! She’s quite cute and she gets along with Tara, our miniature schnauzer, decently but there seems to be some animosity between her and our Airedale terrier, Abby, and our wired-hair fox terrier, Haley. The boxer is named Bella and she was given a good bill of health by the vet yesterday, with the exception of a bit of kennel cough that she had when she was at the Humane Society. I’m hoping she’ll get over it quickly since she doesn’t sound so great right now.

It’s a shame to learn that Bella was a stray, considering she has this really sweet personality. She’s made herself at home rather quickly, already getting into some minor trouble by spilling some coffee cream in the kitchen earlier this morning. Hopefully she won’t cause too much trouble. At least she doesn’t look too devious…