Short Bio

Sheenah was born on the island of Oahu, but raised in the much less tropical atmosphere of Ohio. She can’t really pinpoint the time when she decided to pursue the starving artist path of being a writer, but she suspects it may have originated sometime in elementary school when she wrote her very first (but incomplete) fanfiction.

She loves to read. Although she likes the regular mainstream book, her preference is young adult. She’s quite convinced that if she could only draw better, she might have run off to California to get into the legendary CalArts and work for Disney. Room A113 awaits her in her dreams!

Her first novel, The Chosen, was based heavily on her love of magical fantasy, anime, and adorable heroines. If she was capable, she would have made the characters sing and have the story unfold in classic animated musical Disney style — but still in book form!

Quick Facts About Sheenah

  • She believes Beauty and the Beast is the best movie ever
  • She thinks Howard Ashman was as brilliant as Walt Disney
  • The Harry Potter series is her favorite series ever
  • Although she loves to play pretty Square Enix RPGs like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, she’s a Nintendo girl until the very end
  • Thanks to her dad, she’s starting to become a dog encyclopedia — this worries her
  • She adores her bunny, T-Rex
  • She now thinks Lin-Manuel Miranda is the new Howard Ashman
  • She accidentally became a crazy cat lady
  • She fell in love with the ukulele and considers herself an advanced beginner