Guest Posts

I love doing guest posts, maybe a little too much. Here’s a collection of guest posts I’ve done.


Failing NaNo Isn’t the End at The Adventures of a Novice Writer


The Holidays at Esther’s Ever After
Anime Influences at Pandragon Dan
The Sequel at Write My World
World Building at Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile
Mythology at Fire Star Books
Favorite Retellings at Paranormal Indulgence


Cardcaptors (A Review) at Toonopolis
at Moonlight Book Reviews
Inspiration at The Wytch’s Mirror
Inspiring Authors at From Meredith Allard
Origins of The Chosen at Owl Tell You About It
“The Chosen” 12 Treasures at RockeeMusikReads
The Summer I Almost Died at Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile
There’s No Wrong Way to A Writing Process at Lisette E. Manning
When I’m Not Writing
at Novapsych
Writing like Disney at Sarah’s Random Musings

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