What’s In A Neek?

Neeks Build Snowmen

Neeks build snowmen, even if they are snowchus

When it comes to the battle of nerds and geeks, the majority of people usually say there really isn’t a difference. But to those of us who are nerds and geeks, we say oh yes, there is a difference. A major difference. One is socially awkward, the other not so much. One tends to know a great deal of a certain topic, the other is just being a show-off with their knowledge of just about everything. And then there are those who are a bit of both.

My dad asked me one day, “So, what do you say you are?” And my brother and I pondered a great deal about this before we made a lame attempt at trying to put nerd and geek into one work. I believe our attempt was something close to gerk. Dad suggested neek, and it pretty much stuck.

Neeks are a privileged sort. They land somewhere between nerd and geek, though they can say that they lean toward one side more than the other. They can blend into society and not be shunned as outcasts or bullied, like those poor boys of The Big Bang Theory. They can talk about Star Wars all day with their friends, but also give their two cents about the latest reality television drama with their not so neeky co-workers.

Neeks Bake Cookies

Neeks bake cookies, albeit neeky cookies

The neek gives those poor souls who fall into the land of gray matter between nerd and geek a category to fall in. Because even though they might stand up and proclaim, “I am an individual! Why should I have to categorize myself?” the cold, hard truth is that we live in a world where categorizing people comes first place. Look around. There’s a category for everybody. Fill out a form. They’ll ask you: What are you? And you, the sure individual you are, shall categorize yourself as white, black, Hispanic, or Asian.

So stand up fellow neeks of the world! And be proud that you finally have a name to call yourself. You no longer have to spend countless hours deciding if you’re nerd or geek, because you aren’t either, you’re a beautiful mixture of both.

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