Twist of Fate “Central”

A temporary central page for all things related to the charity anthology “Twist of Fate”.

Catherine Mahoney created a button for everyone to attach to their websites to show solidarity and to show that you’re a part of the IIA group. Copy and paste the code in the textbox and place it on your website!

This is also a banner that you can attach to your blog posts for the cover event. Banner created by Catherine Mahoney. I created the banner to link directly to the FB fan page.

Blogger List

Last time, I swear! Please enter your blogging information into this blog hop list only if you plan on mentioning the cover reveal on your blog/website. This keeps everyone accountable. To make it interesting, try to place one of the giveaway widgets onto your website (you can find all the widgets below under the ‘Event Info’ heading). And try to change up the info. Maybe explain what compelled you to participate in this anthology or something to make it more personal.

To embed this list onto your blog/website copy+paste this code!

Giveaway Form

Fill out this form if you plan on giving something away. It’ll be easier to sort through and receive all the info this way. Thanks! Click here to see list of giveaway items

Event Info

The event will begin on Wednesday (I think?) and it’ll run until Sunday at midnight.

Giveaway Widgets
There are going to be several various mini giveaways associated with this event. If you wish to place any or all giveaways onto your blog, the individual links to do so are all in this spreadsheet. You can either link directly to the Rafflecopter page OR you can embed the Rafflecopter widget by going to the link provided in the spreadsheet. You should see code that you can copy+paste into your website. If you have any questions, I’ll be lurking off and on throughout the day.

Marshall G. Kent Sr. has donated two poems to be used as a teaser of sorts. You can choose to use one or the other, or even both! If you can, I highly suggest copying and pasting the HTML versions into your posts. Sometimes copying and pasting in the text version loses the formatting of the poems.

Poem #1
Text Only Version
HTML Version

Poem #2
Text Only Version
HTML Version

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